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Our fun finger food range has been specifically developed for our little ones. They are tasty AND lower in sodium than most freezer options found at the supermarket. We commit to use real ingredients and stay away from fillers, refine sugar, additives, thickening & firming agents found (very sadly) in many children food options.

Here! You can buy our range online and get it delivered straight to your door. Not a fan of online shopping? No problem, head to Our Stockist page and find a retailer near you!

We do not typically recommend our products under the age of 12 months. As each little one develops their eating abilities at their own pace, we leave it to the parent’s discretion. There is also the question of sodium content. It is quite low in our range as we do not add salt, but certain ingredients we use do contain some: cheese, puff pastry. Also, we have overheard that bigger kids (or parents) like to steal one or two bites off bubs plate… and there is nothing wrong with that!

Unfortunately, all our items are prepared in a facility handling allergens (Peanuts, Tree nuts, milk, eggs, sesame seeds, fish, shellfish, soy, wheat). We are looking into expending our range soon to make life easier for families with allergies so keep your eyes open!

Fantastic! We’d love to hear from you send us an email at hey@bouchee.com.au

We charge a $12.95 flat shipping fee. This include transport in a frozen vehicle and fully recyclable insulated packaging to keep to food as cold as possible on it’s way to you!

Depending on your location, our courier service offers different delivery days/time slots.  We will process your order with the next available slot and send you an email within 24hrs. You will also receive a text message the day before letting you know exactly when your order will arrive! Easy

We ship all our orders in insulated packaging and 100% non-toxic icepacks to make sure the product stays cold when dropped at your door (for up to three hours). Manufactured in Australia our Gel Packs and Thermal liners are suitable for reuse and can be deposited for recycling in most supermarkets.

Cardboard boxes
Compost: First remove any tape, then tear the cardboard into smaller pieces to mix in with other greens so they can work together to break it down. This process takes around three months.

Recycle: First remove any tape or labels then add into your council recycling bin.

Reuse: Our boxes are the perfect vehicle for craft projects for little ones including letterboxes, mini cars or even their own cardboard oven! You can also reuse to send your own packages or donate to your little one’s day-care centre who always need them!

Thermal Liners
EnviroTherm Thermal Liners are approved for disposal through 1850+REDcycle bins found in supermarkets Australia wide. Once REDcycled, they are collected and delivered to REPLAS to be repurposed into parl bench seats, decking, bollards, signage, fencing and several other useful items.

Recycle: The outer cases can be deposited for recycling in REDcycle bins found in over 1,850 Australian supermarkets. Once REDcycled, they are collected and delivered to REPLAS to be repurposed into parl bench seats, decking, bollards, signage, fencing and several other useful items. Icepacks Reuse: Made in Australia and 100% non-toxic, our ProtectaChill Gel Packs are suitable for reuse. Just pop back in the freezer until your next picnic or road trip!

About your order

Wondering where your order is at and when it will arrive? Send us an email at hey@bouchee.com.au and we will do the tracking for you.

You will be alerted that we’re out when you try to buy it, OR if we run out after you’ve already placed your order we will contact you (apologise) and then offer you the option of waiting until it’s back in stock, another product or a refund.

If you want to change your order please email hey@bouchee.com.au with your order details as soon as possible and we will try and help, however our warehouse may have already sent it out.

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Don’t like what you got? Please contact us at hey@bouchee.com.au and we will sort it out for you. View our refund policy here.
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