Our Story

We've created a range of healthy, nutritious foods - for toddlers & big kids to enjoy!

Created by two Mums

Meet Jessie & Beatrice

Founded by parents, for parents. Jessie and Beatrice value toddler nutrition (eg. Smuggling in hidden veggies!) and far less food on the floor. Bouchée combines healthy, delicious food with convenience and ease. The dream, right? They thought so, so they created it. 

Our deliveries

Nutritious finger food for children, delivered frozen for easy meal times.

Delivered frozen, we ship all our orders of toddler finger food in insulated packaging and 100% non-toxic icepacks to make sure the product stays cold when dropped at your door (for up to three hours). Manufactured in Australia our Gel Packs and Thermal liners are suitable for reuse and can be deposited for recycling in most supermarkets!

Why choose Bouchée?

Specifically designed for Bub, we use real ingredients and stay away from the bad stuff!

Nutritious & easy finger foods make the perfect snack or meal

All our products have been developed with our little ones in mind. We pride ourselves in mastering the art of hidden veggies. We not only aim to help you kick those daily nutritional goals, but to make your child’s tastebuds do a happy dance.

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