Sustainability is a core priority for the Bouchée team.

Every change counts

As a small business we strongly believe that every change counts and always work towards being more sustainable as we grow.

Many food companies targeting the same age group offer standard size pre-made meals or over-packaged goods. As most parents know, bubs are not always in the mood for a full meal so part of it is often thrown out. Our finger foods are frozen, so you can portion control – minimising waste and making the most out of every meal. We also pride ourselves on using minimal packaging – so you won’t find our product wrapped and re-wrapped again.

Our packaging

When it came to our delivery packaging we decided to step away from the traditional Styrofoam box for a more sustainable option. Our cardboard boxes (compostable, reusable, recyclable), liners (recyclable) & icepacks (reusable & recyclable) are also proudly made in Australia.

Our ingredients

We choose real ingredients, mostly unprocessed and from Australian producers wherever we can. This allows us to support local economy and reduce our carbon footprint.

Our production

Our range is proudly made here in Australia. This choice was made to reduce our transport carbon footprint and support our national economy.

Our future goals

We are always working to reduce our carbon footprint and hope to be certified carbon neutral by 2023. We are always working towards improving our company’s best practice and continue to explore options to reduce packaging and help prevent waste in our production line.

Nutritious & easy finger foods make the perfect snack or meal

 All our products have been developed with our little ones in mind. We pride ourselves in mastering the art of hidden veggies. We not only aim to help you kick those daily nutritional goals, but to make your child’s tastebuds do a happy dance.

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