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Take the stress out of meal prep and shop our nutrient dense ready-made meals.

Ready Made Meals

Information about our incredibly delicious ready-made meals: allergens, ingredients and instructions.

Finger Foods

Information about our pint sized nutritious finger foods: allergens, ingredients and instructions.

Bouchée is now available in COLES in over 200 locations!

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      Nutrient dense & wholefoods

      Low sodium & sugar content


      How to buy

      Picky-proof food delivered to your door. Healthy meals and happy moods from the click of your finger. Easy-peasy.  Choose from our online range and we’ll take care of the rest. 

      All about us

      Founded by parents, for parents. Jessie and Beatrice value toddler nutrition and far less food on the floor. Bouchée combines healthy, delicious food with convenience and ease. The dream, right?

      Bouchée’s biggest fans

      Tasty foods, good moods!

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      "You can have them as a meal for bub or just pair them with veggies!"
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      "Hiya! Just wanted to say that your product is awesome! Had my first order today and was able to make a tasting plate for dinner."
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      "I tried your food the other day with Bub and she enjoyed it! So much stress taken our of mealtime!"
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      "My 14mo has been sick for the last few days and off his food, but he smashed out 4 of the salmon croquettes for lunch!"
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      "You are doing a great service and helping with the mother load. Thank you for your great work."
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      "So excited to see the delivery man pull up with these! Anything to make mealtime easier! No preservatives, all natural (as it should be)."
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      "Thanks again! Our 16 month old twins love all of the finger foods - and the adults here too!"
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      "Having something like this on hand is seriously a life saver. Stuff from the supermarkets are either too much salt or too much sugar. These are so good!"
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      "OMG he is obsessed with the salmon croquettes atm! Thanks for existing and making life easier right now!"
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      "I'm always looking for great tasting, nasty free and healthy alternative to give for lunch and dinner and these are perfect!"
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      "Neah and Finn devoured the food. Noah had a sausage roll and said "that was the best ever".
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